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mbio za asubuhi
Posted at 2022-01-25 13:09:38   
Mechi ya kirafiki
Posted at 2022-01-25 12:18:29   


Sports and games can be a great lesson in time management and they provide the spirit of competition that drives them to give extra effort. Through sports children learn to respect authority and rules. Sport increases self-esteem, mental alertness and it reduces stress and anxiety. It gives a student a chance to enhance the physical and social skills. It offers a child a change from the monotony of a daily routine. It keeps the stress and anxiety away. It’s a smart way to iron out frustration in most individuals. Students can quickly learn to cope with their lives by extending their grievances on the playground, mostly in their early learning days. However, a proper balance has to be maintained between a child’s maturity, skills, and interests. Our School's sports and games activities include the following...


Sports and games also help in character building and provide strength and energy. Sports and games not only involve the development of skills but it also stimulates competitive behavior among students. It builds confidence in the minds of the students. It not only strengthens the physical growth rather it also contributes towards the mental growth. Therefore, it plays an important role in a student’s life. We warmly welcome all nearby schools to come and play with us so as to keep maintaining good friendship and harmony between our schools.

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Tunawatangazia wanafunzi wote kuwa kila jumatatu, jumatano na jumamosi tutakuwa na mzaoezi ya ukimbiaji (jogging) kuanzia saa kumi namoja kamili mpaka saa kumi na moja na nusu ili kuimarisha afya. Wote mnasisitizwa kushiriki.
mnamo 10-02-2022 tunarajia kuwa na mechi ya kirafiki ya mpira wa miguu na shule ya sekondari ya mkwakwani. Wachezaji wote mnaombwa kujiandaa vizuri ili kuipa timu yetu ushindi.

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